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Frequently asked questions

How does it get the data?

Social Analytics queries the supported services directly. Therefore permissions are required when browser extensions are being installed for the first time.

Which services are supported?

Key metrics for the following services are available and support for more services is already in development.

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Bitly

Which services are discontinued?

  • Twitter
  • Delicious

What happened to Twitter tweet count?

Twitter decided to remove the public access to the amount of tweets for a URL. For now this metric in Social Analytics has been replaced by a link to Twitter Search where you can at least find some information about a URL.

What is the time frame of the data?

Key figures are measured from when a website has been initially published until the moment you open Social Analytics. So if you like a website on Facebook the like count will be increased next time you open Social Analytics.

Please note that although the numbers are updated each time Social Analytics is opened there's no guarantee the platform provider will update the data in realtime.

Why does it show zero?

This can have multiple reasons but first, try clicking the refresh button in your browser or in the extension popup.

If the key figures still show 0, make sure the URL doesn’t have unusual parameters or id tags in it like ?query=er45 or #about. A URL is sent to the APIs exactly as-is, and these services will deliver data only for that exact URL instead of the base page URL.

Make sure there no advertising popup has been opened. This will make the browser sometimes think this popup is the currently selected tab and Social Analytics tries to get key figures for those URL.

Disclaimer & Privacy policy

By using Social Analytics you recognize and agree to the following:

This tool is provided for free and has been tested by numerous beta testers. But occasionally it can produce errors or stop working as it depends on APIs provided by other services. We’re not responsible for anything that happens to your browser while using the extension. Use at your own risk.

We use Google Analytics to anonymously track the usage of Social Analytics. An event will be tracked when you click on the Social Analytics button and open the popup.

We do not track the URLs you are checking. All data stays in your browser. However, those URLs are sent to APIs like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. in order to pull metrics for those pages.